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MagNets: an intense arcade-style robot-recycling collect-em-up!

Players must fight to restore order in Polarity City, one arena at a time. Do this by capturing malfunctioning Bloxbots in your Electromagnetic Nets (or 'MagNets'), and Recycling them into tools to complete the level and powerups to survive their attacks!

***UPDATE: V1.1 is now available: existing customers please re-download and reinstall to update to this version. Don't worry, your game progress will not be lost.***


  • Single-player campaign with 20 levels over 4 zones
  • optimised for controller play
  • Compulsive, frantic and challenging gameplay with 3 difficulties: Medium, Hard and Impossible
  • Child-friendly casual mode (more health, no highscores)
  • Free update for 2-player multiplayer and
  • 3 unlockable characters, with more available for free and paid (coming soon)
  • Mac and Linux builds and online leaderboards coming soon!
  • Nominated for TIGA award (best debut game, best arcade game), Shortlisted for the upcoming Indie Prize...
Read more about this release, our experiences and our update roadmap HERE on our dev blog!

About the Devs:

Total Monkery are a small independent family-run games studio in Devon, England. This is our debut game, and the very first release of four of the five devs!

The team includes:

  • Richard Weeks, Top Chimp a.k.a. Technical Director, games industry vet
  • Andrea Chandler, General Manager
  • Will Davis, Programmer
  • Anya Trounce, Artist
  • Frederic Fitzpatrick, Artist

Much of the MagNets concept was created in collaboration with awesome artist Phil Corbett, who worked on Rat Attack with Richard and has since done work for big names such as Nickelodeon and Disney. Check out his blog for glorious weirdness!

Other collaborators on MagNets include Develop award-winner Jamie Hamshere (AKA Junosix on SoundCloud) and Harry Holmwood, providing original music.


http://polaritycity.com http://www.indiedb.com/games/magnets http://twitter.com/totalmonkery https://www.facebook.com/totalmonkery http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=273194879


Buy Now£4.99 GBP or more

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